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[Fermoso Tejo meu...]
Francisco Rodrigues Lobo
Fermoso Tejo meu, quão diferente
Te vejo e vi, me vês agora e viste:
Turvo te vejo a ti, tu a mim triste,
Claro te vi eu já, tu a mim contente.

A ti foi-te trocando a grossa enchente
A quem teu largo campo não resiste:
A mim trocou-me a vista em que consiste
O meu viver contente ou descontente.

Já que somos no mal participantes,
Sejamo-lo no bem. Oh! quem me dera
Que fôramos em tudo semelhantes!

Mas lá virá a fresca primavera:
Tu tornarás a ser quem eras de antes,
Eu não sei se serei quem de antes era.



[My lovely Tagus...]
Translation by Philip Krummrich
My lovely Tagus, oh, how different
is what I see and saw, you saw and see:
I see you turbid, you see grief in me;
once you ran clear, and once I was content.

Your flow was changed by flood and effluent;
your banks were no sufficient boundary.
My change was caused by that great mystery
in which consists my joy or discontent.

And since we must in grief and sorrow share,
let’s be alike in gladness. Oh, if you
and I could be in all just as before!

But there will come the springtime, fresh and fair;
you’ll be again what once you were, but who
can say if I will be myself once more.


[Oh Love, if merely feared inconstancy...], Violante do Céu [Sir John, I will admit...], Bartolomé L. de Argensola Introduction